• Owners - Allen D. & Gracie Aleshire
  • Bamboo Nut Company - Harlingen Texas

    Although we don't sell bamboo, we will propagate and donate to non-profit organizations focused on helping people enjoy nature. Please feel free to send an email with your request along with a statement of how the bamboo will be used.

    Update 8/2010... We have been extremely busy in our "day jobs"... so site hasn't been updated in a while. Now the good news. We will try to start spending more time updating the site and growing bamboo. We have had a lot of rain in the past two years, so this year has been a great year for new shoots and bamboo growth. Even with a freeze this past winter, the damage was very little. At this point, the farm is just for fun. Guests are welcome to come and visit. If you have a group that wants to come and enjoy our farm and tour bamboo in the Rio Grande Valley, just send us an email with details. We will help facilitate your request.

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